Enzone Health & Fitness is a bilingual, local fitness studio, rooted in the community of North Wales.

Mark Humphreys has been transforming people’s lives since April 2014, using an educational coaching method, providing the local community with the necessary training and nutritional advice to help them meet their personal goals and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on our family environment, eliminating the stereotype of ‘gyms’, where people often feel intimidated and unfulfilled – we have created a facility for people of all fitness levels to join a community of like-minded people, creating a sense of well-being.

Call: 01248 544 024 (for any enquiries 9am-9pm only)

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Monday – Sunday
5am – 12am
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Ed Williams
Ed Williams
10:27 25 May 20
Very professional, incredibly dedicated, motivational and inspiring. Mark is very imaginative and encouraging. No 2 sessions are the same. All you know that's coming is its upper body, lower body or abs session. I absolutely love training in his sessions. When lockedown happened 2 weeks into our 6 week programme I thought I'd have to postpone but no, Mark's dedication and belief in his methods and his clients shone through. He set up twice daily live sessions plus others, and people are truly transforming their bodies to great effect because of this. I've gained strength and flexibility and am working on my waist but have no doubt that I will achieve me fitness goals working with Mark and Tom, and the Enzone family. Highly recommended!
Elfym Bullock
Elfym Bullock
06:45 25 May 20
Just completed the 6-weeks challenge 4 weeks of which was in lockdown. Even though the sessions changed from the gym to home live sessions I still managed to surpass my goal. I’m so glad I did it. It’s been amazing start to finish. Mark has been with us all the way pushing and supporting us. The results speak for themselves. Thanks Mark. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Geraint Jones
Geraint Jones
21:58 25 Feb 20
+Great staff and community.+Varied and engaging workout classes.-Honestly cant think of one.Signed up for the 6 week challenge event Enzone has running hoping to kickstart myself into getting back into fitness, having only focused on walking and running I had very little knowledge on "Gym" exercise and would always start and stop (not for me). During the 6 weeks I was taught good technique, new and actually fun exercise! Mark the owner and his staff were fantastic throughout, very supportive and provided plenty of tips and materials for a healthy lifestyle (I now am aware of what Macros are). Was happy to have finished the challenge reaching my desired weight loss and feel amazing for it! Would very much recommend for newcomers or anyone wanting to get back into it. Very handy location at top of the high street and plenty of classes throughout the day.
Edith Mair
Edith Mair
20:17 24 Feb 20
Joined the 6 week challenge in January and I am amazed with the results I’ve been trying to loose weight for about two years and struggling. Since joining Enzone the struggle is over and I feel healthier than ever, I never thought i would be able to achieve what I have in only 6 weeks! The gym has a really friendly atmosphere and everyone is always happy to help! Plenty of options for classes to suit everyone which is great! If you are thinking of joining go for it you will not regret it 🙂
Anna Hughes
Anna Hughes
12:42 21 Feb 20
Simply the best gym and trainers around! Amazing results! If I could give more than 5* I would!! ?? Personally, I lost 18.8lbs and 4% body fat in 6 weeks!!! Not only the numbers but it's what I gained in knowledge on how to move forward with my fitness too. An amazing set up, and Mark should be proud of what he's achieved. A big high five to Tom too! ?
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“We are Bangor’s leading Gym for Bodybuilding and fitness!

Designed for people serious about training!

This is a No-Nonsense Hybrid Facility, with the best equipment available. No fancy gimmicks, no distractions! Somewhere to come and wind down and be prepared to work!

From the equipment and its layout to the music and atmosphere, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve strength & fitness, male or female whatever your sport and whatever your level you are welcome at Enzone”

Mark Humphreys – Owner