Become a part of the Team

At Enzone Fitness, we believe in quality over quantity. Only the most dedicated and passionate coaches are considered, experience is not always necessary but a willingness to learn and become part of a team is a must.

Any expert training or specific areas you specialise in are always a bonus as we do like to have a group of individuals who can bring something different to the table. This also helps us designate the right clients to the suitable coach.

We recruit freelance PTs to work hours that suit their schedule.

Option 1

The monthly floor space cost is set to £250 pcm. Nothing less or more.

This gives you:
* Anytime access to the gym from 5 am until midnight seven days a week
* Use of all equipment, kit and private consultation rooms
* We can also provide all forms necessary for your PT clients
* You also have access to our body Tanita monitoring system, which can keep track of your clients progress
* As a bonus, your clients can receive discounted gym membership should they want to become a member?
* Your clients do not pay anything towards using the facility while in your sessions
* We will assist in supporting your advertising and business.
* We will promote you on social media
* We will refer clients to you

Option 2

You may also give two hours of your time per week for running our structured classes, in return, you do not pay any floorspace fees at all. Please discuss this option to see if you are eligible as some expertise is often necessary.

Terms and conditions

* Team members are required to treat the work area with respect at all times
* You are required to keep your space clean and tidy by keeping all equipment and wiping down when necessary
* Coaches are required to act in a professional manner at all time
* No specific uniform is required however, we do expect you to dress appropriately and be present full.
* You are expected to help other members If you are able to give your time, should they need any assistance or have any questions, however, this should never impede on your private sessions with paying clients.

Please call our Manager Mark and have any CV’s / resume and covering letters available should they be required, however as previously mentioned, if we like you for who you are, that will be taken into great consideration!